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Sri Lankan News
Coronavirus- 151 patients return to health

The Ministry of Health says 151 more patients who were infected with coronavirus have been discharged from medical care.

13 Apr 2021 (6:31 PM)

Asela Sampath remanded until April 19

National Organizer of the Restaurant Owners Association Asela Sampath has been remanded until the 19th of April.

14 Apr 2021 (4:08 PM)

Sri Lanka s COVID figures up by 153 new cases

A total of 153 more persons were tested positive for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka today (April 13) as the confirmed cases count reached 95,547.

13 Apr 2021 (7:03 PM)

Daily COVID infections on Tuesday hits 226

(UPDATED) Sri Lanka has confirmed 73 more new cases of the COVID-19 on Tuesday (April 13), as the daily cases count reached 226.

14 Apr 2021 (12:11 AM)

At least 8 vehicle collisions on Southern Expressway disrupt traffic

At least eight collisions involving more than a dozen of vehicles are reported between Gelanigama and Dodangoda interchanges on the Southern Expressway.

14 Apr 2021 (1:57 PM)

President hopeful all citizens will join Sinhala Tamil New Year celebrations

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa says it is his hope and expectation that all citizens, without any discrimination, will join the Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations with fresh hopes, determination, tender and righteous thoughts.

14 Apr 2021 (10:07 AM)